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Volume 1 (67-69), No. 4, 2017

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Physics and mathematics

Basiladze G. D., Berzhansky V. N., Nedviga А. S., Shaposhnikov A. N.
Magnetoplasmonic structures (Review). Part 1

Gorishniy V. A., Pereskokov V. S., Dzedolik I. V.
Surface plasmon polaritons on the boudary of metal and dielectric crystal with superlattice

Alexeyev C. N., Lapin B. P., Yavorsky M. A.
Orbital angular momentum control by a multihelicoidal fiber with a twist defect Technics, computer science and management

Klevets N. I.
Synthesis of simple systems that produce homogeneous magnetic field

Grigoriev P. E., Olenchuk A. V., Goldberg D. L., Tishkov A. V., Luskova Yu. S.
Elaboration of security system for a typical medical information system

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